Friday, 25 January 2013

I'm still here, but are you?

I haven't posted in a long time but I've decided to start blogging again.. again, this time for definite. I've got some interesting new stuff for you all to read so if you take the time to listen I'm sure you'd enjoy it.
I'm now attempting ways of making more money using the internet, whether it's selling e-books, buying e-books to learn how to get traffic and such I'm attempting it all. In fact so far I have made a huge -$50,
when I say -$50, I literally mean minus $50. I spent a lot of money on e-books and general misinformation, I knew I wouldn't make as much as they said but I was too tempted by the "proof" they provided.
I guess you live and learn, but that does not mean I haven given up so easily. I'm currently trying Adsense, PPD and a bunch of other internet marketing I've heard success stories from. I'm probably going down the same track as before but I intend to much 100% more effort into it and be willing to make the risks. (Unless that means I'm buying your e-book, no. I'm done with that). I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on my failed attempts at making money as I'm sure it will be atleast entertaining for you. If I can't gain money then I can atleast provide entertainment.. right? That is if anyone is still here to read this (which I doubt, maybe I'll buy an e-book that provides traffic.. That was a joke, haha, fat chance.)
Thanks for reading anyway, I'll be posting more frequently from now on and when I'm a millionaire or homeless you can be just like me, by following this blog.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Changing the whole blog

I'm back on blogger, it's been way too long to carry on the C++ stuff so I've decided I'm going to change the blog around. Though there's a slight problem; I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to change it too so I'm asking you for comments, what would you like to see on my blog and what type of things would you wish for me to discuss.

Until I've decided on a new topic I'm just going to be giving you my two cents on the news today and causing arguments in the comment section starting with a Zombie Apocalypse.

Check out the zombie apocalypse here:

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Things not really going as planned

When learning C++ I thought I'd be creating a lot of programs throughout my learning which I would be able to post here, though it seems that I was completely wrong, I am starting a C++ course at college on the 5Th of September and I'm going to convert this into more of a C++ tips and tricks and other tutorials rather than my own progress, thanks to everyone that is still here with me, until next time

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

New Code Wage Estimator

I've almost finished another program, sorry it has taken so long but I have been very busy.. Anyhow, I will upload my code as soon as it is finished.. The program is a wage estimator based on your pay period.
I should be back to my daily blogging now as I have cleared my schedule. Feels good to be back!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Back from holiday.

I have just returned from holiday and will now be continuing with my blog, I have several more books for C++ and I am going to start straight away and try create new programs for everyone!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Next code coming soon

Just bought a new rig so I should be able to get back to programming very soon, sorry for the delay but my old computer broke down on me.

Picture of my new rig:

Lights up red when turned on.

I will post specs later!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Still learning

I haven't created any new programs worth posting yet, but I am still learning, if you where wondering I am learning C++ through an e-book called "C++ for dummies" I would recommend it if you have no programming experience & would like to learn to be a C++ programmer from beginner to professional.